commUNITY Treats

Here at ChiaListens we understand that not everyone will resonate with our ACTIONings, although you may find sOMething that resonates with you below. Happy exploring, as we wish you a vibrantly joyful and expansive time receiving.

a Holding Space offering

Stop outsourcing and giving away your power!

Come to life as your own guru, healer, reader and cheerleader.

Everything you need to create and live your most inspired life is already within you.

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Human Design


Erin Claire Jones

Your Blueprint is a 55+ page guide to your unique Human Design.

Your Blueprint explores how you are uniquely designed to lead, make decisions, communicate, cultivate relationships, and so much more.


It’s beautifully designed and made especially for you.


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Oat Haus

ditch the nut-butter

The worlds first oat based spread...ditch the nuts and welcOMe the oats!! All oat-spreads are made in a nut free facility.


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