With a heart full of gratitude we first want to say thank you.

Thank you for showing up and sliding into this space.

You may know by now that Renée Chia is a MAJOR nature lover. From camping to climbing they receive a full reboot of energy every time they step outside. The physical demands of outdoor exploration, such as rock climbing, hiking, and pLaYing in the grass or ocean waves, fills their being with so much light, gratitude, ease, and joy!

As they've traveled and experienced this path of living they've come to learn the importance of commUNITY, the opportunity to step into the scholarly mindset and learn from others, all while emBODYing one's unique authentic truth. 

The support, guidance, and love offered throughout Renée Chia's journey has been deeply life changing. This support continues on as they've said yes to fully emBODYing that which makes their heart, soul, and mind sing, while committing pLaY*fully to the deconditioning process of their unique Quantum Human Design. 

We are all scholars of life and within the same breath teachers of our specific trades. Here's to graceful ease, loving support, playful exploration, and honest truth as we individually and collectively explore the path of coming hOMe.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

May you enter a space of sharing;

sharing of knowledge,

sharing of resources,

sharing of gratitude,

sharing of your authentic truth.


Are you feeling curious about my past, present, and future experiences? The Forward Movement Site was birthed, back in 2015, to capture the moments of living that were experienced during my Long Distance Section Hike on the Appalachian Trail!


*2 years of service with AmeriCorps*

*Hiked the 48 4,000 footers of NH*

*1,100 mile Hike on the AT*

*Tiny hOMe living in Vermont*

*Deconditioning with Human Design* 

chia 2.heic

Certifications & Licenses

Social Emotional Learning Facilitator

Front Country Wilderness Certificate

Early Childhood Education License

Child, Family, Community Degree

Dance and Movement Certificate

200 - CYT Yoga Certificate

Holy Fire Reiki Level 1

Tuning Fork Course

First Aid and CPR