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Human Design

Your Blueprint is a 55+ page guide to your unique Human Design.


Your Blueprint explores how you are uniquely designed to lead, make decisions, communicate, cultivate relationships, and so much more.


It’s beautifully designed and made especially for you.


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The potency of Fern Medicine has been considered kapu or "forbidden" until recently when, in 2013, on the 13th anniversary of tūtū's hala, the kapu was lifted and all that was huna, or "secret," can now be disclosed. Ke'oni has taken on this kuleana (responsibility) with great ha'aheo (pride).  This has become the purpose of his life, and the resolution of his ancestors.  Ke'oni remains in gratitude for the life-force of his people before his, and of pure nature, and the uncorrupted memory of Source. Mahalo!

Hidden Crux is a mental wellness and mental-training platform for climbers, coaches and their supporters.

Their goals are to: 

empower the climbing community to create an environment for optimal athletic performance


help climbers find balance in sport and life


highlight the mental challenges faced by climbers 


normalize conversations about challenging topics to eliminate stigma about mental health

E ALA EA is an awakening of ancient memory. 

A remembering of who I am. 

I am none of those stories that play on a reel in my mind, unless I so choose. 

E ALA EA is a practice of discernment. 

Of coming home to the heart. 

To listen.


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Envisioneers leverages an Expanded Learning Day model to re-imagine the way scholars learn.  We foster and cultivate the academic and social emotional skills of our scholars while exposing them to career pathways through project-based learning and community mentors.

Head on over to the website to explore different ways to get involved!

Breathe For Change is a movement enhancing the health and well-being of educators, students, and entire communities.


We offer the world’s only 200-hour Wellness, SEL, and Yoga Teacher training designed for educators and community leaders inspired to use wellness as a vehicle for healing and social change. Since 2015, we’ve certified 6,000+ educators, and impacted over 1 million students.

If you’ve been feeling a restlessness in your heart from inspired possibilities, this time is activating you as a Divine agent of change. Instead of being paralyzed by fear nurture your Divine nature and trust that it will ALWAYS show you the way-YOUR way.

Are you ready to activate your light and find YOUR way?


With Rachel

Rachel is a master of many trades!

Rachel offerings:


1:1 Empowerment Coaching

Goddess Getaways

A to B with Rachel V. Podcast

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Peak State Coffee exists to make coffee a proactive health routine, to support those doing difficult things, and to use business as force for environmental good.

Peak State's coffee is organic, fair trade, sustainably shade grown from single origins and infused with organic functional mushroom extracts (never from China) to bring you a coffee with benefits you can FEEL GOOD about.

Paulyn Nguyen is an intuitive guide and a facilitator of healing. She hosts virtual classes, events and workshops from the Bay Area and hopes that through each session, we may raise the frequency of the world we live in.

Mushroom enthusiast with a knack for foraging some of the most sought after edible mushrooms around California.